‘Go Chiefs!’ Lawyer Files This Touchdown Of A Continuance Motion To Watch The Super Bowl

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What would you do if your long-suffering team finally made it to the Super Bowl? We’re talking about a football team whose one and only Super Bowl title was earned in 1970. We’re talking about a team that hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl in 50 years. We’re talking about the Kansas City Chiefs. What do you do? You file a motion to continue like this one.

Back in October 2019, Denise Kirby, a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, told a judge she’d be unable to appear for a trial on February 3, 2020, because she’d be in Miami to watch the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. At the time, the concept seemed a bit far-fetched, even laughable, but Kirby was all in for her team. The trial was scheduled for February 3 nonetheless — come on, the Chiefs never go to the Super Bowl.

Kirby must be clairvoyant, because as luck would have it, the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl this year. Here’s the continuance motion she recently submitted:

(Image via Denise Kirby)

We’ve learned the motion was granted, showing that she can convert in the clutch like Mahomes on third and long. In fact, judges in courthouses across the state are getting in on the continuance action thanks to the Chiefs:

(Image via Denise Kirby)

We had the chance to chat with Denise and found out that even though she’s secured a place to stay in Miami, she’s still searching for a ticket to the game. Please help this superfan out with her legal Hail Mary. Go Chiefs!

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