George Conway Willing To Spend Big To Make Sure His Wife Loses Her Job

George T. Conway III

Every effort to probe the home life of Wachtell’s George Conway and his White House Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway has left us more confused than when we came in. Political disagreements around the house are one thing, but when one party spends the entire day lamenting that the other half is enabling a threat to the core constitutional rights, it’s hard to comprehend how this can be anything other than an elaborate performance art piece, one that ends with Andy Kaufman revealing he’s been practicing high-stakes litigation for decades.

But carry on with this odd couple we must, and the latest development is that George is putting his money where his Tweeting thumbs are. Joining with John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich adviser John Weaver, former New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn, and veteran Republican operative Rick Wilson, Conway is setting up a Super PAC to convince Republicans in battleground states to ditch Trump in 2020. The group, called the Lincoln Project after the nominally Republican president who wanted to aggressively expand federal power over the states and use it to tear down Southern political institutions, represents a long-standing conservative effort to tie their iconography to ideals their movement unceremoniously abandoned at least 50 years ago. A recent poll of Republicans finding Trump a better president than Lincoln should make the organizers wonder if dialing up the Great Emancipator to court Republicans is any better an idea than taking in a show at Ford’s Theater.

The Super PAC will target both Trump and key Trump allies in the Senate, aiming for the disaffected Republican voters that they imagine exist out there. In their defense, the 2016 election swung on such a slim margin that it would only take a few like-minded Republicans to turn the tide in some battleground states. The problem is the entire population of Republicans who don’t like Trump live in this group or the New York Times Editorial page which doesn’t exactly help in Wisconsin. Still, the group is hopeful and claims to have $1 million in donations already lined up with more coming in. Conway had this to say about the mission of the group:

“If he’s not removed by the Senate, he needs to be removed at the ballot box,” he said of Trump. “The people in Congress who are enabling him, either actively or passively, they, too, are violating their oaths of office…. And they need to be removed, too.”

If you’re interested in contributing to the “Take My Wife (Out of the White House), Please! Fund” the organization isn’t really up and running yet, but keep your eyes out. They should have a website as soon as they settle on which stock image of a Lincoln bust they want to use as a logo.

Trump conservative critics launch PAC to fight reelection [AP]

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