Former Harvard Law School Colleagues Make The Best Political Enemies

Otherwise [senators that vote against witnesses in the impeachment trial] you’ll never be able to explain the way you voted without adopting this remarkably absurd and extreme and dangerous theory that my former colleague Alan Dershowitz is peddling. Namely, it doesn’t matter if a president uses the vast powers of his office to shake down an ally and help an adversary in order to get dirt on an enemy and corrupt an election. That doesn’t matter and therefore you didn’t need to hear any witnesses. But nobody will really accept that as a plausible theory. In fact, there is no legal scholar in the country, other than Alan Dershowitz, who believes it.

—Laurence Tribe urging senators to vote to hear witnesses in the impeachment trial on MSNBC throws shade at Alan Dershowitz and his… evolved theory of impeachment. Tribe goes on to say of Dershowitz’s legal theory, “Not only is he out of a limb from other constitutional scholars, he’s out on a limb from the framers of the constitution.” Burn.

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