Every Summer Associate Program Change In One Chart

The other day we pointed you to a list of the grading policy changes around the country (and Canada) to keep everyone up to date on the updates we’re putting out there as we get them. Information is coming in rapidly, but it’s nice to have a place to go back and look at everything in one place.

Now that updates to firm summer associate programs are coming in fast and furious, we found that Reddit once again has done the good work of gathering this under one roof before we did. We can’t stress how helpful this is, because we here at Above the Law are tracking layoffs, bar cancellations, grading changes, summer programs, SCOTUS arguments, DOJ shenanigans, and terrible law firm advertising all at once, so we’re glad there’s a chart like this out there.

In this case, it’s Redditor Hstrat maintaining the chart with updates to summer programs. To give you a preview of what Hstrat’s got, here are the Vault top 10. The rest of the list is here:

Firm Name Status Last Updated
Cravath (V1) Committed to SA program but likely delayed. Advances have been paid 4/3
Wachtell (V2) They plan to have a program; may be remote until safe to return; advances have been paid 4/5
Skadden (V3) Program will continue, will go remote if necessary. Exploring possible contingency plans if needed 4/5
S&C (V4) They expect start dates to be delayed, will update their summers when they know more 4/3
Latham (V5) Firm-wide offer of counseling services; Some locations guaranteeing pay/SA program, others no communication 4/3
Kirkland (V6) Considering options – email focused on health & safety concerns 4/1
Davis Polk (V7) Delayed Start; on 4/6 asked for direct deposit info of summers who requested advances 4/6
Simpson Thatcher (V8) Expect to have summer program, otherwise ambiguous email 4/1
Gibson Dunn (V9) Planning to adapt summer program to maximize the SA experience – reminder that they did not cut SA program in ’08 4/3
Paul, Weiss (V10) Remain fully committed to SA program – considering a delayed start 4/3

Thanks for keeping up on all this. We’ll keep putting out the stories as we ferret them out.

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