COVID-19 Is Taking A Serious Toll On The New York Judicary

COVID-19 has left its mark on every aspect of society. The New York state judiciary is just another thing that has been especially hard hit by the pandemic.

According to reports, New York State Court of Appeals Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announced the sobering statistics on the reach of the virus on the state judiciary.

“We know the virus has taken its toll on everyone, including our court family: 168 of our judges and court staff have tested positive for COVID-19,” the chief judge said.

“Tragically, several of our beloved judges and professional staff have passed away from complications caused by the virus. We send our thoughts and prayers to their family members and friends, as well as our promise to honor their memories and hold them close in our hearts,” Judge DiFiore said.

Of those 168 infected with the novel coronavirus, 17 are judges according to Judge DiFiore. Additionally, officials identified at least 94 of the infected as employees or officers and at least another 14 are attorneys. Others that have contracted the disease include visitors, a witness, a court reporter, and a juror.

Court officials confirmed that three court employees have died from the disease: Supreme Court Justices Noach Dear and Johnny Lee Baynes, as well as an unidentified court assistant.

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