Clio Accounting Hacks You Need to Know

If a law firm is seeking out a practice management platform with a longstanding reputation for quality, it would be hard-pressed to find a better option than Clio. Clio is a global enterprise with a foothold in North America, where it has the most users and the most integration partners of any similar technology option.
And, having just raised the largest capital investment in legal tech and Canadian history, Clio is here to stay.

However, buying the right software is only half the battle; it’s still true that most lawyers don’t get the true benefit of the softwares they use.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that law firms do training about as well as they water ski, but it’s mostly about priorities. Since most law firms are so heavily focused on revenue, the modus operandi is always to get into the base program features as quickly as possible, and then to dive back into the “real” work of running a law firm — i.e., making more money.  This means that attorneys tend to gloss over really useful system features that would, ironically, save them time and make them even more money on the back-end. So how do we reverse that trend? By sharing the inside scoop on the simple ways you can get more out of Clio and ensure the financial health of your law firm.

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