Choose Your Quarantine House: Legal Edition

You knew it was coming. Let’s do the legal edition of this loathsome meme and get it out of the way. If you’ve been on the internet at all the last week — and let’s face it there’s nowhere else you could have been — you know the rules. You’re in quarantine and you have to choose one house of roommates (or co-clerks? maybe?) to ride out the disease with.

Make your choices, vote in the poll, and tag us on Twitter (@atlblog) with your thoughts.

House #1

Sandra Day O’Connor
Eric Holder
Jonathan Turley
Elizabeth Warren
F. Lee Bailey
Elena Kagan

House #2

Sam Alito
Judge Judy
Barack Obama
Nancy Grace
Brian Leiter
Ted Olson

House #3

Clarence Thomas
Paul Clement
Larry Tribe
Greta Van Susteren
Amal Clooney
Richard Posner

House #4

Michael Avenatti
Bill Barr
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Jeff Sessions
Jeanine Pirro
Kimberle Crenshaw

House #5

George Conway
David Boies
Alan Dershowitz
Kamala Harris
Kim Kardashian
Gloria Allred

House #6

Rudy Giuliani
Sonia Sotomayor
Adrian Vermeule
Robert Mueller
Michelle Obama
Richard Epstein

There you have it. Vote.

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