Catching Up at Legalweek | Evolve the Law

At this year’s Legalweek, ATL editor Kathryn Rubino carried out a series of interviews with some of our Evolve the Law members exhibiting at the show. Check out our conversations about innovation, new legal technologies, and… rom coms!

We talked with Litera about transition management evolution and their new anonymize launch.

ThoughtRiver told us how to read a contract without reading it.

We chatted with ContractPodAI about digital transformation in the industry.

AbacusNext talked to us about integration of flagship and automation driving firm profitability.

We chatted with Mitratech about the future of legal ops.

Worldox told us about innovative document management solutions.

We talked with HighQ about the new relationship with Thomson Reuters and upcoming enhancements to HighQ.

Until next year!

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