Bijay Kumar Sinha vs Tripurari Sharan on 18 January, 2022

1. The petitioners have approached this Court contending

that the respondents have committed contempt of the order

dated 15th February 2021 passed by this Court.

2. The present proceedings have a chequered history. The

petitioners were appointed in various Corporations in the

erstwhile State of Bihar much prior to 1996. In the year

1996, the fodder scam resulted in a large number of

employees working in the Treasury Department either being

dismissed or suspended. On account of shortfall of the

employees in the Treasury Department, several Corporations

including the one, wherein the petitioners were employed,

were directed by the Department of Finance, Treasury and

Accounts Directorate, Government of Bihar vide its letter No.

447 dated 24th August 1996, to send the services of the

employees on deputation. In pursuance to the directions

dated 24th August 1996, issued by the State Government, the

petitioners and other employees were relieved and joined the

different treasuries in the erstwhile State of Bihar. On 15 th

November 2000, the State of Bihar was bifurcated into the

State of Bihar and the State of Jharkhand. The employees

were accordingly apportioned amongst the two States.

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