Biglaw Partner Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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We immediately initiated all necessary steps to protect employees, clients, courts, and business partners on the basis of an action plan. … [T]he virus test started within 24 hours after our partner’s illness became known. We conducted it on our own initiative and at our own expense in order to obtain certainty. Last Friday, in a first wave of testing, over 200 employees were tested, and this Monday an additional 80 employees were tested.

— a statement from Austrian firm Wolf Theiss, commenting on its ailing partner’s coronavirus diagnosis. The 72-year-old lawyer fell ill in February and since then, the firm has been trying to protect the rest of its employees. Thus far, three other employees have tested positive for coronavirus and have been placed in quarantine. “[D]ue to the immediate continuous testing of our employees,” the firm noted, “it is ensured that client, court, and employee contacts are only made by employees who have tested negative.”

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