Biglaw Firms Abroad Encourage Employees To Work From Home As Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads

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The main guideline is for people to stay at home if they want to, but if there are reasons they have to come in, they can. There is no news of firms shutting down yet, but it would be absolutely disproportionate to what is going on. If you go around in Milan today, it is not a dead city. Of course people are scared, but I think they’re more scared because of the press coverage.

— a partner at BonelliErede, an Italian Biglaw firm, commenting on what precautions members of the legal profession have been taking due to the sudden coronavirus outbreak in Milan. A partner at Bird & Bird, a U.K. firm with offices in Rome and Milan, said that meetings at the Milan office are “highly discouraged” and “travels from and to our office in Milan are restricted.” The Hogan Lovells office in Milan is still open, but “people have the option to work remotely” during the health scare.

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