Bar Exam Nightmares: What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Seen?

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Today is the first day of the February 2020 administration of the bar exam. Around the country, wannabe lawyers are sitting for what is likely the most important (and hopefully last) test of their professional lives. No pressure…

Passing the bar exam takes a lot of hard work, and a pinch of good luck — like the State Bar sharing the subject areas to be tested on the essay portion of the exam just days before the test — all coming together to get you into the legal profession. Don’t think it takes a little bit of luck to pass? Imagine if you weren’t fortunate enough to miss the biggest bar exam mishap ever (courtesy of ExamSoft), or you didn’t go into labor mid-exam even though you were heavily pregnant, or you avoided such extreme intestinal distress that proctors put your desk in the bathroom.

In case you weren’t feeling lucky enough, here are some more well wishes:

But here’s the important question: What was the craziest thing that happened during the February 2020 bar exam? If you survived or witnessed some horror story in action, let us know. You can email it to us (subject line: “Bar Exam Horror Story”) or text us (646-820-8477). Maybe your story will inspire others to persevere.

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