Anonymous Law School Donor Gives Big Bucks For Women’s Prison Project

Well, isn’t this awesome news?

Tulane Law School dean David Meyer announced yesterday that the law school’s Women’s Prison Project (WPP) has received almost $2 million from an anonymous donor. The WPP clinic is a unique one that helps women at the intersection of domestic violence and the legal system focusing on cases where a survivor of domestic violence is charged with killing an abuser or for crimes under an the coercion of their abuser.

And what’s all the money going to buy Tulane Law? Two clinical professors and three professional staff members. That will allow the program to help even more women.

“We could not be more grateful to the generous donors for their vision and partnership in making this possible,” Meyer said.

Tulane President Mike Fitts echoed Meyer’s gratitude for the gift and the important work it will fund.

“This gift supports the kind of bold, impactful and transformative efforts that are at the heart of Tulane’s educational mission,” Fitts said. “We prepare our students to do good, to promote justice and to improve the human condition, not only as future leaders, but here and now, through a hands-on, life-changing curriculum.”

The WPP was founded by Professor Becki Kondkar, director of Tulane’s Domestic Violence Clinic, and Professor Katherine Mattes, director of Tulane’s Criminal Justice Clinic. They recognized the unique legal issues faced by abused women, and are excited to have found a donor who appreciates that. Kondkar said, “We are so fortunate to have a donor who supports the bold action and expansive vision necessary to address this problem.”

And Mattes explained why the project is essential:

“There are so many women in Louisiana sentenced to die in prison for defending themselves. We have a lot to do, but we have a lot of hope,” said Mattes. “Hope because the time is ripe for reform; hope because there is a growing awareness about intimate partner violence; and hope we get from these women who, despite everything, haven’t given up.”

Congrats to Tulane Law and the WPP. That’ll be money well spent.

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