Anjali Brahmawar Chauhan vs Navin Chauhan on 22 January, 2021

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Supreme Court of India

Anjali Brahmawar Chauhan vs Navin Chauhan on 22 January, 2021

Author: Hon’Ble The Justice

Bench: Hon’Ble The Justice, A.S. Bopanna, V. Ramasubramanian

                                IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA
                                    INHERENT JURISDICTION

                                  Review Petition (C) No.472 of 2018
                                 Transfer Petition (C) No.1252 of 2016

                      Anjali Brahmawar Chauhan                        .... Petitioner

                      Navin Chauhan                            …. Respondent (s)


1. The Petitioner preferred Transfer Petition (C) No.1252 of

2016 seeking transfer of HMA No.487 of 2015 filed by the

Respondent from the Principal Judge, Family Court, District

Gautambudh Nagar, U.P. to the Court of Principal Judge, Family

Court, Saket District, New Delhi. The Transfer Petition was

dismissed taking into account the fact that no serious

inconvenience will be caused to the Petitioner for travelling

between Gautambudh Nagar, U.P. to Saket, New Delhi. While

dismissing the Transfer Petition, this Court directed the trial to

be conducted at Gautambudh Nagar, Family Court through

video conferencing.

2. This Review Petition has been filed by the Petitioner on

Signature Not Verifiedthe ground that there is no video conferencing facility at
Digitally signed by
Sanjay Kumar
Date: 2021.01.22

Gautambudh Nagar, District Courts. Another ground in the
17:07:25 IST

Review Petition is that video conferencing is not permissible in

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matrimonial matters in accordance with the judgment of this

Court date 09.10.2017 in a case titled “Santhini vs. Vijaya


3. Notice was issued in the Review Petition on 20.03.2018.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, physical functioning of the

Courts has been stopped since March, 2020. Proceedings in all

Courts are being conducted only through video conferencing.

In the normal course we would not have directed video

conferencing in respect of matrimonial matters as per the

judgment of this Court mentioned above. However, in the

present situation where all proceedings are conducted through

video conferencing, we direct the Family Court, District

Gautambudh Nagar, U.P. to conduct the trial through video


4. The Review Petition is dismissed.






New Delhi
January 22, 2021

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